Canada’s Local Gardener

Now with a nationwide distribution, Canadas Local Gardener magazine is a must-read magazine for all gardening enthusiasts. From beginners to Master Gardeners, we cater to everyone. On newsstands across the country, Canada’s Local Gardener features many articles, from the latest in new flower hybrids to tried and true ways to grow heirloom vegetables.

We travel the country through June and July in search of amazing and unique gardens to celebrate in upcoming issues. Meeting the people at the helm of the gardens enables our editorial team to get the story of who the gardeners are and what mysteries lie behind the plants in their backyards (and front yards and side yards…).

Projects are always a good thing when it comes to gardening, and our ‘Two Olde Dawgs’ have something on the go for most issues. It seems there is nothing that these guys cannot achieve when they put their minds together.

To be surrounded by beauty throughout the year is something the crew behind the scenes needs. In fact, one of our team has over 200 different kinds of house plants. She tells us it takes over 8 hours per week to water them all, which is no small feat. And all of us have something going on outdoors, where we experiment with everything you see in the magazine.

This year we have started the Canada’s Local Gardener Podcast. Be sure to listen in. Dorothy and Shauna, our mother and daughter editorial crew, are always eager to learn, ask questions and chat with garden luminaries from across the country. Each podcast is under an hour long and deals with something timely on the gardening agenda. Feedback is a good thing, so drop us some of your ideas on Facebook.

Finally, to our dear readers, what we know is that you trust the information we provide and support our advertisers. These enthusiasts look to us for advice and reliable information that works from coast to coast. Grow with us as we spread the joy of gardening for all ages.