Local Gardener

A Gift for you

COVID has certainly been with us a while, with the pandemic affecting us all in many different ways. As part of our 2022 celebration, we have a gift for you. We are giving you the chance to read our 2020 issue of Canada’s Local Gardener Beautiful Gardens for FREE, a celebration of gardens we have visited. Find a nice cozy place, snuggle under a blanket, unwind, and enjoy. Not wanting to miss another issue, why not subscribe, simply click here.

This particular gift issue is packed with so much beauty, and wonderful gardens to companion planting to coastal gardening, seating, fences, planting, lighting, and a plethora of information to help you format your plan for 2022. We even talk about chickens.

What’s happening in our neck of the woods? We are super excited for the upcoming year, so many events happening across our country. Containing our enthusiasm now is tough especially in the long wintery days. It doesn’t, however, stop us from thinking about Spring and all the glorious colours to come.

We are attending trade shows from coast-to-coast, why not stop by and say hello, let us know how you feel about the magazine and any ideas you may have.

Follow and watch our social-media pages for information regarding events that may be happening in your neck of the woods. 2022 is a year for fun, lots of laughter and togetherness.