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Lifestyles 55: All about living at the age of maturity

The emerging baby boomer senior is a different breed from previous generations and there is a need for information that is directed to their situation. These are the people who are still working but looking forward to retirement, setting up new households in condos, and experiencing the fun of first grandchildren. They are experimenting with new recipes and wines, buying relaxed clothing and enjoying cottages and travel.

These are also the people who are coping with aging parents. They may have children who have come back to recover from broken marriages or failed careers. They, themselves, may be starting to encounter health problems.

A large percentage of younger seniors are plugged in to the new technologies, but others are mystified by what today's youth take for granted: the intricacies of cell-phone purchases, how to navigate the Internet, how to even program a new TV!

Lifestyles 55  tackles all these issues and opportunities. The publication looks at city, provincial and federal government policies that impact on the lives of the maturing adult.

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