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Sherrie Versluis
The Preferred Perch Wild Bird Specialty & Gift Store

Since she was a child, Sherrie Versluis always loved birds.  As an adult she spread her wings and became the owner of The Preferred Perch Wild Bird Specialty & Gift Store in 1995.  Sherrie has made it her passion to educate about the necessity of birds to our environment, the hardships they face today, and how people can enjoy these amazing creatures right in their own backyard.  She is an expert in all of the products available today to make your yard into a bird sanctuary.

Kevin Twomey
T & T Seeds Limited

Kevin Twomey has been managing T & T Seeds for over 40 years! (A Mail order Seed catalogue business operating in Canada for 67 years). In that time he has dealt extensively with hundreds and hundreds of seed, greenhouse and nursery suppliers from all over the world! His horticultural knowledge has been built  from extensive personal garden trials and greenhouse production along with constant feedback from T & T Seeds customers well over a million customers over the years! His easy going manner and practical, extensive knowledge has helped gardeners over and over again in their gardening endeavours!

Dave Hanson
Sage Garden Herbs

Dave Hanson is the founder and co-manager of Sage Garden Herbs, Winnipeg - Manitoba's only garden centre using 100% organic fertilizers and 100% organic pest management practices on all plants.  Dave grew up with a passion for plants that engage the senses, helping tend a family herb garden from a young age. He got his professional start in herbs as a teenager, working at River View Farm in Nova Scotia - a beautiful location where the bold aroma of greenhouses full of herbs imprinted on his memory. Since 1996, Dave has grown hundreds of herb varieties in Winnipeg, and is an expert on cold climate herb gardening. He also puts considerable effort into collecting and propagating unusual plants from around the world. In recent years, Dave has become excited about vegetable growing in small spaces and putting to practice natural/organic gardening techniques that are not only good for the Earth, but also make gardening easier! Dave's favourite aspect of operating a greenhouse business is the process of on-going discovery that comes from working with people and plants.

Sage Garden Herbs is located at 3410 St. Mary's Road in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Visit on-line at

Michael Allen
Viburnum Tree Experts

Mike is a consulting urban forester and certified I.S.A. arborist who owns and operates his own Winnipeg business, Viburnum Tree Experts. He specializes in the diagnosis of tree and shrub plant diseases and pests. For over 39 years he has been an urban and environmental forester, environmental planner and arborist in Canada and overseas. He writes numerous articles on trees and shrubs in a newspaper column, various Canadian magazines and newsletters for non-profit groups.

Jan Pedersen
Bylands Nursery.

Jan Pedersen currently works with Bylands Nursery, and was with Shelmerdines since the mid-70's where he learned the prairie plant & garden industry literally "from the ground, up".

Jan frequently guests on local radio programs sharing his love and passion for gardening, plants and all things related to the outdoor yard and garden experience.

He lives the belief that very few things in life can improve one's frame of mind better than the beauty of plants and well-cared for outdoor living spaces.

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