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What do you know about carnations?
Although many stylish florists look askance at carnations because they’ve become so commonplace, nothing beats them for their intoxicating scent and ability to last in a vase. Carnations are also easy to grow in the garden. And, having been in cultivation for some 2,000 years, they are associated with symbolic significance and a variety of traditions.

1: The carnation is the birth month flower for January. True False
2: White carnations signify a new mother in England. True False
3: Blue carnations indicate high presence of lime in the soil. True False
4: A green carnation is the traditional boutonniere for a groom on his wedding day. True False
5: The word “pink” comes from the name for a kind of carnation commonly called pinks. True False
6: When cutting carnations for the vase, cut at the leaf node. True False
7: The Latin botanical name for carnation means “pink flower”. True False
8: Cloves come from a type of carnation. True False
9: Carnations prefer a sunny location in free-draining sandy loam. True False
10: Legend has it that carnations developed from the Virgin Mary’s tears. True False
11: Daylilies come in every flower colour except blue. True False
12: Daylilies make excellent cut flowers. True False
13: The only good time to divide or plant daylilies is in the fall. True False
14: You often see daylilies growing wild in roadside ditches because they are invasive. True False
15: Water daylilies more during bud formation and bloom. True False
16: When you purchase daylilies, make sure the tag identifies whether the plant is a tetraploid or a diploid so you know how to care for it. True False
17: If something is eating your daylilies, it’s probably lily leaf beetle. True False
18: Shade equals death for daylilies. True False
19: Cut back all green daylily parts in fall. True False
20: If your daylily leaves go all twisted in the spring, you’ve got rust. True False
21: Butterflies like a shady spot in the garden on a hot day. True False
22: Provide a source of water if you want butterflies. True False
23: Butterflies prefer hybridized plants because of their brighter colours and bigger blooms. True False
24: Ontario has the greatest number of butterfly species of all the provinces. True False
25: If you touch a butterfly’s wings it will lose its ability to fly. True False
26: Butterflies are most attracted to yellow flowers. True False
27: For black swallowtail butterflies, plant parsley. True False
28: Buddleia, or butterfly bush, attracts butterflies. True False
29: Nectar helps butterflies grow big. True False
30: Butterflies fly south for the winter. True False
31: Thunderstorms make plants greener. True False
32: Rainwater is best for plants because it is so pure. True False
33: Generally, wind is bad for plants. True False
34: A hot, sunny day is a good time to collect seeds. True False
35: A hot, sunny day is a good time to cut flowers for indoor bouquets. True False
36: Put your hanging baskets in the shade during a heat wave. True False
37: Watering on a sunny day will cause leaf scorching. True False
38: If you don’t water your grass through the summer it will die. True False
39: Plants absorb more water during a full moon. True False
40: Lettuce appreciates a little shade on a hot day. True False
41: Watering your garden is bad for the environment. True False
42: Established trees don’t need to be watered. True False
43: Well water is good for plants. True False
44: We have watering bans because there is no longer enough water available. True False
45: We’re losing fresh water to oceans. True False
46: Over watering is a leading cause of garden plant death. True False
47: Trees will tell you when they need water. True False
48: Plants need more water on windy days. True False
49: Plants with hairy or silvery leaves are more drought-tolerant than plants with deep green leaves. True False
50: It’s better to water plants deeper with less frequency. True False



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