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Manitoba Gardener is about gardening in one of the more challenging areas of Canada. In Manitoba, the winters can be long and bitterly cold, while the brief summers are glowingly hot. Conditions can range from humid to arid and the soil is alluvial silt on a base of heavy clay. Still, wonderful beauty can be the result of this combination if you know what to grow and how to grow it.

This magazine tells you what and how and shows off the lovely gardens that can be found here in Zones 2 and 3.

The publication is four-color, 8 ½ by 11 inches, published 5 times a year (retail price $5.95), including  a special Beautiful Gardens issue ($8.95). Yearly subscriptions are $29.95.


1 year subscription brings you 5 issues per year with the seasons

Editorial Content

Early Spring issue –April 2012

In the home – Features on Hardscaping, decks & patios.

In the garden - What’s new? What’s hot? We scour the grower’s catalogues to find out what everyone is growing this year and what will be on the shelves for our readers to buy.

Spring Issue – May 2012

In the home – Updating your windows and doors. Roofing & exteriors.

In the garden - The How To issue, when we remind experienced gardeners about things they’ve forgotten and show new gardeners the things they are dying to know.

Summer issue – June 2012

In the home – Outdoor kitchens and indoor spaces. Special Home décor feature.

In the garden- The “Cool in the Shade” issue, covering everything from what to grow in shade to how to look cool in creating shade (umbrellas, patio furniture, ponds and more).

Fall issue – September 2012

In the home – Showcasing this provinces most beautiful homes.

In the garden - The favourite issue of the year– Beautiful gardens - all gardens, all design ideas, all landscaping.

Winter issue – January 2013

In the home – Kitchens & bathrooms, renovating on a budget.

In the garden - The “Grow What You Eat” issue. We talk about what veggie, fruit and edible varieties to plant, how to grow them, how to harvest them, and finally, how to cook them, with fantastic tried and true recipes.

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