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The Local Gardener magazines, Ontario Gardener, Manitoba Gardener and Alberta Gardener, are published by Pegasus Publications Inc.

When company founder and president Dorothy Dobbie left federal politics and was deciding what the next chapter of her life might look at, she started gardening. It's a therapeutic activity, as many gardeners can attest, and Dorothy got bitten, hard, by the gardening bug: she was smitten. Her main problem, though, was that she could not find gardening information that was specifically for her Manitoba climate. Even the Canadian books and magazines were more concerned with Vancouver than Winnipeg!

Drawing on her 30 years' experience as a senior executive in the magazine publishing industry, Dorothy launched Manitoba Gardener in 1998, initially running the business out of her home.

Two years later, Dorothy's daughter Shauna, living in Ontario, jumped into the fray with Ontario Gardener. And two years after that, they started Alberta Gardener.

Today the magazines are published out of Winnipeg along with a network of other magazines and publications, including Lifestyles 55 and SMART Careers, etc. 



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