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Dorothy Dobbie for Save the Monarch Butterfly Campaign.

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The Miracle Garden at Victoria General Hospital

Dorothy Dobbie's Garden (The Gardener on CJOB every Sunday morning)
Dorothy Dobbie is the voice behind the hit weekly radio show, The Gardener, on CJOB 680am every Sunday morning from 8am to 10am, and an author of the famous "10 Neat Things" weekly e-news and coffee table book. Join her in a walk around her garden...

English country estate garden
John Tinkler's garden in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is reminiscent of one that might be found on an English country estate. Even though John Tinkler long ago lost his accent, he did not lose his English sense of the aesthetic and it shows in the design of both his home and garden. John's garden is very English. To read more about John Tinkler and his garden, pick up a copy of Manitoba Gardener's latest issue, Beautiful Gardens. To make sure you don't miss any of Manitoba Gardener's issues, you can subscribe through

Balinese Beauty on Bonner
It is impossible to be prepared for the surprise that's hidden behind a house that blends in comfortably with its conservative neighbours on North Kildonan Street. Yes, it's a garden, but this is a garden that whisks you off to another, more tropical continent, where forests hide mossy treasures and flowers peek out from densely grown greenery. Even though the plants in this garden are often native to Manitoba, Kelly Mitchell has managed to create an illusion that you are in Bali.

Music to the Eyes
Carolyn Libin's garden flows like a well played piano concerto, plants tumbling in pleasant arrangements like notes on a scale.

Inspirations of Al Black

Magic in Spencerville
Beautiful garden of Doug Hall and Gordon MacDonald of Spencerville, Ontario. To read all about Doug Hall and Gordon MacDonald and their garden, pick up the Growing 2011 issue of the Ontario Gardener or visit to know more about how to subscribe or get a hold of the latest issue

The Honeymoon Garden of Joyce and Gord
The garden of Joyce and Gord Fuerst conjures up visions of lovely quilts, artistically made and perfect to look at and be in. There is warmth and comfort here and laughter and a joy of discovery that is based upon experince. To read more about The Honeymoon Garden of Joyce and Gord Fuerst, pick up a copy of Alberta Gardener's Beautiful Gardens 2011 or visit

Grow and Let Grow
Green on green. Gracious. Moss covered. If these were the adjectives John Reinhart was going for in his garde, he succeeded. The garden suits the period-style home, set high above the street, its garden aspirations as lofty as its perch. To read more about John Reinhart's garden, pick up a copy of Ontario Gardener's Beautiful Gardens 2011, or go to

Marena Smith's Beautiful Garden
Marena's garden, like a symphony, has many moods and colours...

Amaryllis plants

Apple Trees

Black spots on tomatoes

Fungus gnats

Cedar Trees

Deer in the garden


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