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All the seed catalogues in Canada that we could find.


A’Bunadh Seeds
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This little seed grower from Cherhill, Alberta, produces over 150 types of tomato seeds on her farm, as well as all the other vegetables, and a few. She specializes in Zone 2b growing.

AgroHaitai Ltd.


Lynden, Ontario company specializing in Asian vegetable seeds. They sell edible loofa, hairy gourd, stem mustard and others.

Annapolis Seeds


Started by a high-school student, this Nova Scotia company now offers over 500 vegetables, herbs, flowers and grains, many of them uncommon.

Atlantic Pepper Seeds


If you grow peppers this is a seed house you need to look at. Family owned and operated out of New Brunswick since 2001, they started with chilis and have grown from there to over 800 varieties per year.

BC’s Wild Heritage Plants


All plants are native to BC; no cultivars and few traditional vegetables. Good place to look if you want a native plant, but it must be native to BC. Plant list includes edibles like wild strawberry and huckleberry.

Berton Seeds Company Ltd


An Italian seed company in Canada. Over 150 varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs, all imported from Italy. They do bird products, too.

Bird and Bee


Mostly vegetable seeds collected from their farm near Ottawa.

Brother Nature
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Brothernature Organic Seeds carries a healthy & highly diverse selection of sought after, unique and standard varieties of Certified Organic Annual, Perennial, Herb & Vegetable Seeds. Germination Tested. Free Shipping on orders over $30.00.

Casey’s Heirloom Tomatoes


Casey started growing a few tomatoes when he was teaching in Japan several years ago. His hobby became a bit of an obsession, and now he grows tomatoes (and a few peppers) in his back yard in Airdrie; he saves seeds and sells them online. That’s it.

Cochrane Family Seeds


Operated by the Cochrane Family Farm in Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia. They have a selection of vegetables, herbs and a few flowers.

Eagleridge Seeds


They sell rare and endangered heirloom seeds. If you’ve never heard of earth chestnuts, well, you can get them here.

Early’s Farm and Garden Centre
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Early’s has been serving Saskatchewan growers with quality products and expert advice for over 110 years. Early’s has one of the largest garden seed selections available all year long! Perfect for spring prep, or winter indoor gardening too! While placing your seed order on their website, you can check out their other gardening supplies, as well as lawn, yard care, pet and livestock items as well!

Eternal Seed
eternalseed.ca Growing organically for 15 years, this is a small operation offering many unusual varieties. Very responsive to customer needs.
Ferncliff Gardens
www.ferncliffgardens.com DAHLIAS ! DAHLIAS! Celebrating their 101st year providing Canadian gardeners with premium Dahlias! Located in Mission BC, Ferncliff Garden’s catalogue is a wonder to behold. If you are a serious collector of dahlias, this is the place to go. If you are new to dahlias, consider one of their special collections; you’ll be hooked!
Florabunda Seeds
florabundaseeds.com Since 1999 Florabunda Seeds has specialized in Non GMO, Non Hybrid, Untreated, Interesting & Unusual, Heirloom Flower, Vegetables & Herb seeds. Free catalogue upon request.
Full Circle Seeds
fullcircleseeds.com All organic, all grown at ALM Farm in Sooke, BC, which is on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.
Greta’s Organic Gardens
seeds-organic.com Interesting looking and tasty heirloom vegetables, all organic, located in Ottawa. They sell some flower seeds, too.
Halifax Seed Company
halifaxseed.ca Canada’s oldest family owned and operated seed company – established in 1866. Halifax Seed offers quality seeds and gardening supplies. Vegetable, flower and herb seed, all GMO-free and untreated along with organic options too. Operating 2 retail garden centres in Halifax, Nova Scotia & Saint John, New Brunswick. Catalogue available via mail or check out their website and easily order online – ships Canada wide.
Harmonic Herbs
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harmonicherbs.com Located in Central Alberta, this company specializes in fast-growing seeds on a smaller scale. They offer mail order and sell their seeds (Norseeds) in a handful of stores in Calgary, Edmonton and Grand Prairie.
Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds
hawthornfarm.ca Growers of organic heirloom and organic farm selected seeds. Open-pollinated, Non-GMO seeds for the home and market gardener across Canada. Certified organic by Pro-Cert.
Heritage Harvest Seed

This Fisher Branch, Manitoba company has some of the most unique vegetables imaginable. If you’ve never seen reisetomate tomatoes, look it up.

Heritage Seeds

A modest selection of true heritage varieties located in Kingston, Ontario.

Hope Seeds and Perennials

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia seed-producer. About 75 percent of their seeds come from their own production and their grower network.

Howard Dill Enterprises
howarddill.com The home of Dill’s Atlantic Giant pumpkins. If you want pumpkins, squash or gourds, definitely take a look.
Incredible Seed Company
incredibleseeds.ca A young family on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. In addition to the usual flowers, herbs and veggies, they offer tree and shrub seeds.
Kitchen Table Seed House
kitchentableseedhouse.ca Certified organic vegetable, flower and herb seed specializing in regionally adapted, flavourful heirlooms and new varieties with exceptional culinary possibilities.
La ferme cooperative Tourne-Sol

Certified organic seed company in Les Cedres, Quebec. They grow 70% of their seeds and another 10% are grown by local farmers. Have you ever seen black popcorn? They have it.

La Finquita

Looking for seeds for pigweed or chickweed or dandelion? They are available here. Cold-hardy greens, medicinals, wild edibles and a few more common varieties.

Lindenberg Seeds
lindenbergseeds.ca This is one company who still do things the old fashioned way. You can order their print catalogue of new and unusual varieties along with old favorites on their website. This Manitoba company started in 1935 with the philosophy that supplying quality seed at a fair price was the best value. They purchase their seeds from reliable growers and test and retest them to keep quality high.
Manhattan Farms

Billing itself as “seeds for city farmers”, this Vernon, BC company is a good starting point for new gardeners or gifts for wannabe gardeners. And the packets are beautiful watercolour illustrations.

Mapple Farm

“A modest source of seed and plant stock, grown well off the beaten track.” This Weldon, New Brunswick company sells mostly tomatoes and squash with a few other things thrown in. And they sell sweet potato slips!

Matchbox Garden Seed Company

Started in Toronto, now operating from a farm in Caledonia, Ontario, Matchbox is run by a trained chef. Owner Hanna Jacops produces and sells a wide variety of certified organic, vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

Metchosin Farm Seeds

Organic seeds from the southern tip of Vancouver Island. This company will send you potato seed, which is different from seed potatoes, so you can grow brand new varieties of spuds!

Mount Royal Seeds

Mostly trees and shrubs, most of them native. They sell to bonsai enthusiasts, too.

Naramata Seed Company

Okanagan Valley seed company. Good selection of veggies and a few flowers.

Northern Wildflowers


A family company in Whitefish, near Sudbury, Ontario. They grow wildflowers on their farm and ethically collect seeds from the wild, as well as occasionally getting seeds from other local sources. For each variety of seed offered, they have a map to show which provinces and states it is native to.

Norton Naturals

Small selection of native perennial vegetables. Jerusalem artichokes and ramps as well as hog peanuts and camassia quamash. Good place to visit if you’re starting a food forest.


Ontario Seed Company is over 125 years old. They sell seed for everything from your home vegetable garden to major construction projects.

Perfectly Perennial
perfectlyperennial.ca Perfectly Perennial, located in Pouch Cove NL, is a social enterprise company that grows and distributes locally adapted seeds for vegetables, herbs and flowers, as well as offering garden workshops and design services; Perfectly Perennial is supporting several initiatives to help expand local food security.
Prairie Garden Seeds

Most of the seeds they offer are grown at the family farm near Cochin, Saskatchewan. They have a brand new website you can order from, though it is still possible to print the form and order by mail with a cheque. They offer a wide variety of cultivars from many different vegetable, grain and seed crops, and flowers. They have one of the largest cereal grains and broad beans of any seed catalogue.

Rainbow Seeds

Family owned and operated farm near Fundy Park in New Brunswick. They offer a selection of vegetable and flower seeds.


Artisan seed company in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC. They’re conscientious about growing and selecting seeds for sale. Wide variety of herbs, including uncommon plants like salal and poke root.

Renee’s Garden

The company with the really pretty, artist-rendered seed packets. Easy to order, but do so in advance because it takes a couple of weeks to get to us in Canada.

Richters Herbs

If there’s a kind of herb you’re looking for and Richters doesn’t have it, you must have dreamed it. Located in Goodwood, Ontario, north of Toronto.

Sage Gardens

A strong selection of vegetable varieties from this Manitoba company, as well as flowers and herbs.

Salt Spring Seeds

One of the oldest Salt Spring Island seed growers, this company has been around for over 30 years. The focus is on sustainability and becoming self-reliant.

Seeds for Food

Homestead-based enterprise in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. They offer a selection of seeds all from their own gardens.

Seeds of Imbolc

This Fergus, Ontario company grows all seeds organically on the premises and offers 31 varieties of heirloom tomatoes as well as many heirloom vegetables and flowers.

Silver Creek Nursery

This company sells trees, not seeds, but they do ship across Canada (except BC and NL, owing to CFIA regulations) from their Wellesley, Ontario nursery. They sell fruit trees and berry bushes.

Soggy Creek Seed Co.

This is a homestay and vegan sanctuary for goats, ducks and turkeys in Nipissing Valley, Ontario. They offer a few varieties of seeds in funky packets.

Solana Seeds

More than 200 varieties of tomatoes are available from this Quebec company. Check out their “other” section for a variety of edibles you may never have heard of.

Stems Flower Farms

“Located just outside Cookstown, Ontario (formerly as Edgebrook Farm) this company has more than doubled its vegetable seed offering over last year and continues to offer a huge number of flower seeds, in support of its cut flower business. They have 22 varieties of calendula!”

Stokes Seeds
stokeseeds.com/ca Proudly Canadian since 1981, Stokes Seeds is a leading supplier of the highest quality of seeds with delivery across the country. Offering one of the largest selections of vegetable, perennial, annual and herb seeds, all quality tested to thrive in Canadian gardens. Visit their website to order online or request a catalogue or to find all your seed growing and gardening accessories! Showcasing many new variety introductions and special collections, you won’t want to miss checking out stokeseeds.com.
Sunshine Farm
sunshinefarm.net Sunshine Farm is both a seed company and a centre for vocational development for adults in the Community Living Sector. The farm provides a mixed setting for hands-on experience with a multitude of activities. They focus on respecting the rights of the individual and building self respect. Their seeds are certified organic in BC, PACS 16-504.
T&T Seeds
ttseeds.com T&T of Headingley, Manitoba, has been open since 1946 and is a good, reliable place to order seeds and plants from. They operate a full garden centre, so you can get planting supplies and household things like cherry pitters and hand soaps.
Tatiana’s Tomatobase
tatianastomatobase.com “One of the largest privately owned and privately funded seed banks in North America.” They have over 4000 varieties of seed, mostly tomatoes. Located in Columbia Valley, BC.
Terra Edibles
terraedibles.ca Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes! Separated by colour on the website. ‘Banana Legs’, ‘Osu Blue’ and ‘Emerald Green’, to name but a few; photos and descriptions help in your online shopping experience. Located in Foxboro, ON, Terra Edibles has been serving customers since 1993. They also offer many choices of other vegetables (especially beans), and herbs and flowers.
The Seed Company

Located in downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland, this company started in 1925. Now operated by the great-grandson of the founder, they sell a variety of seed.

Urban Harvest

Toronto company providing organic and heirloom seeds chosen for urban gardeners.

Urban Tomato

Tomato and other seeds offered by a Peterborough urban farmer.

Veseys Seeds
veseys.com For 80 years this company has operated out of a farm on PEI. They have a wide selection of a wide variety of seeds plus bulbs, starter plants and gardening products. Plus they have a guarantee that says, if you aren’t satisfied, they’ll replace the product they sent you.
West Coast Seeds

West Coast gets seeds from a variety of farms and ships them out. The company is certified organic, but not all of their farms are; it costs too much for some folks. You can get a wide variety of seeds from these guys.

WH Perron

Formerly Dominion Seeds. WH Perron sells seeds for every kind of plant imaginable.

Wild Rose Heritage Seed

Lethbridge company offering heirloom varieties of vegetables and herbs.

William Dam Seeds

Since the 1950s this company has operated out of Ancaster, Ontario. They were the first registered seed company in Canada to feature a line of certified organically grown seeds in 2000. Today they offer a few selections of all the vegetable, herbs, flowers, climbers, grasses and a few bulbs besides.

Zappa Seeds

A Waterloo and Brampton, Ontario, family-owned company offering a wide variety of vegetable seeds for all types of cuisines. Looking for bitter cucumber? This is the place.

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We believe this list is up to date. We aim to include every English-speaking seed catalogue business in Canada that delivers across the country. If we have missed any, or if any are no longer in business, please let us know. For our gardening calendar with other tips of what you can do this winter, click here. To order our latest magazine with this complete list of seed catalogues, click here. To preview our digital copy, click here.
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