Summer Gardener

A Summer Gardener magazine issue for you.

With all things blooming in Spring, summer beckons its approach. Having delighted in the successes of our early season, and mourned at our losses because of the cold winter, it is now time to continue our ever developing garden. We know that it is a living thing that with encouragement and love it returns our efforts in heaps and folds.

summer gardener

This year has been a very challenging one for sure, in light of your responses we are encouraged to continue sharing some of our previous issues with you and what better way to help motivate you than to offer you a chance to read 2017’s Summer Gardener issue of the gardener for free.

See what plants were trending that year and how they performed in your garden. Putrid Petals, beautiful creatures and more plants you might want to include in your gardens this year.

Our summer gardener may help solve those lonely days when your mind is idle. Giving you a chance to think about tomorrow in a positive way. From our hearts to yours enjoy.

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summer gardener
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